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Student Recruitment Brochure
CIE Summer Chinese Course 2023
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ShenzhenUniversity is launching the 2023 Summer Chinese Language Program. We welcome you to join us in this summer season, where the beautiful Chinese scholar tree is in full bloom!

Program Overview

1. SZU is the only comprehensive university in Shenzhen, as one of the top 30 universities nationwide.

2.Enjoy a beautiful campus environment and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. Small class sizes (minimum of 10 students per class).

4.Elite Chinese language teachers provide a fully immersive Chinese language learning experience.

5.Chinese language courses cover beginner to intermediate levels and can effectively link up with regular Chinese language program courses.

6.Classes are held every weekday morning, with comprehensive and oral courses offered. Cultural salons are held on the second and fourth Friday mornings.

7. Rich cultural experience activities.

8. Course completion certificate will be issued.

Program Duration

July 10 - August4, 2023 (4weeks)

Class time: Monday to Friday 8:30-11:40, 20 class hours per week (1 class hour = 40minutes)

Opening Levels

Beginnerclass:Suitable for new starters.

Elementaryclass: Suitable for learners who have completed 300 hours (about one semester) of Chinese language training.

Intermediate class: Suitable for learners who have completed 900 hours (about three semesters) of Chinese language training.

Sample Timetable

Schedule of Summer Chinese Course














Culture Salon








1.Comprehensive Course:Enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence usage skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing training.

2.SpeakingCourse: Enhance your Chinese oral communication skills through oral training.

3.Cultural salon: Deepen your understanding of Chinese culture through traditional cultural learning and city visits.

Salon themes: Teaculture,Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, museum visits, park photography activities, etc.

Salon location:Art galleries, tea houses, parks, museums, specialty scenic spots inShenzhen, etc.


Beginnerclass:Boya Chinese ElementaryI, Short-Term Spoken Chinese Threshold(Volume1)

Elementaryclass:Boya Chinese Elementary II, Short-Term Spoken Chinese Threshold(Volume 2)

Intermediate class:Boya Chinese Quasi-Intermediate I , Short-Term Spoken Chinese Pre- Intermediate(3rd Edition)


Tuition: 3600 RMB/person

Classes will only open with a minimum of 10 students. Returning studentsof CIEcan receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Documents Required

1. Copy of passport

2. ID photo

3.Photo of visa/foreigner residence permit (study visa is not provided in this course).

Application Procedures

1.Visit scan the QR code below for online applications. After submitting your application, please check your email promptly and pay attention to the application and admission progress.

2.Application deadline:June16, 2023

3.Age requirement: 18-55 years old

Payment method

On-site payment when registering (Alipay and WeChat payment are supported, while cash and debit card payment are required to be finished at the bank counter).

Refund Policy

If a student submits a withdrawal request and completes the relevant procedures before the start of the course (July 10, 2023), a full refund will be granted. If a student submits a withdrawal request and completes the relevant procedures within the first week of the course, a 50% refund will be granted. No refund will be granted for withdrawal requests submitted more than one week after the start of the course.


This course does not provide Visa and Dormitory.

Contact Us:

Program Officer:Ms. Huang

Consult on WeChat:


Address:Room 302, Zonghe Building(College of International Exchange), Shenzhen University, 3688 Nanhai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Please scan the code below (the public news feed of CIE) for more information.

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