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​Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

1. What is the length of education for undergraduates?

Answer: The length of education for undergraduate students in our school is four years, but the school implements a flexible school system, which means that the minimum length of study is 2 years and the longest is 8 years.

2. How can I choose courses?

Answer: Students must pay a fee to register before they can choose courses. Course selection can be done under the guidance of instructors. Our school stipulates that students choose courses within 39 credits per semester. To ensure the quality of students' learning, they cannot choose more than 39 credits.

3. Can I ask for leave if I have something to do?

Answer: You must ask for leave if you have something to do. If you ask for leave within one week, it will be approved by the instructor, if you ask for leave within one week, it will be approved by the Academic Affairs Office. If it is more than one month away, it will be approved by the school leader. For students who are ill, they can apply for a leave of absence with a hospital certificate, and the total period of leave should not exceed 2 years.

4. How to apply for student ID and campus card? What should I do if I lose it?

Answer: To apply for a student ID, you need to provide a one-inch photo, which will be processed by the college's academic affairs office; to apply for a campus card, you need to bring your student ID, tuition receipt, and passport to the campus card center (in the middle of the teaching building C and D). If you lose your student ID and campus card, you can reapply. When reapplying, you need to make a declaration of the loss in the school's official document and then apply to the college's faculty office.

5. What should I do if I fail the exam?

Answer: Those who fail the final exam (that is, the test score is recorded as F) need to be retaken. Those who are compulsory must retake the original course; those who fail to pass the elective course can retake the original course, or they can give up the original course and take another elective course.

6. What should I do if I cannot take the exam?

Answer: If you cannot take the final exam for some reason, you must go to the Academic Affairs Office to complete the postponement procedure one week before the exam. The postponement time is generally set within 2 weeks after the start of the next semester.

7. Can I borrow school books? How many books can I borrow at most?

Answer: Students can borrow books from the school library with their campus cards. According to school regulations, they can only borrow 2 books at a time.

8. How can I get the graduation certificate and degree certificate?

Answer: After completing the required credits in the teaching plan, the HSK score reaches the new level 5 (195 points and above) to obtain the graduation certificate. Only students who have obtained the graduation certificate and HSK score reaches the new level 5 (210 points and above) can apply for a degree certificate.

9. What is exemption? Can I apply for course exemption?

Answer: Exemption means that when you have a good understanding and mastery of a certain course stipulated in the teaching plan, you can apply for the exemption of that course in the Academic Office. After the exemption application is successful, you must take the exemption exam, and the test score is C (including Level C) and above can obtain credits for the course.

10. What is exemption? Can I apply for exemption?

Answer: Exemption means that you can not attend the class with the approval of the teacher, and take the final exam through self-study. The exemption test score must be at C level (including C level) or above to get course credits.

11. How many times do you need to contact your tutor each semester?

Answer: Undergraduate students in our college implement a tutorial system. The college stipulates that undergraduate students must contact their supervisor 2-3 times each semester.

12. After the test is completed, how can I find out my test scores?

Answer: Every student has an account to go to the college's management network. After going online, they can check their test results and print their own transcripts.

13. Where can I get some information about the college?

Answer: Our college currently has a relatively complete student management information system or visit the offical website of the College. The website of the management information system is: The offical website is  After each student logs in with his or her personal account, he can log in to the system Check the notice, the training plan of the major I am studying, course selection, academic performance, etc.