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Introducing CIE
Introduction of College of International Exchange, Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University has been enrolling international students since 1987. So far, the college has been educated nearly 20,000 international students. In 2019, it successfully passed the national Quality Certification for Studying in China.


College of International Exchange is the central management department for the work of international students, as well as the teaching unit for international students. It is responsible for operations in enrollment of foreign students, Chinese language teaching, and life management.


The college is the centralized management department for the work of international students at Shenzhen University. It has a Chinese language and culture department, a Chinese language education department, a comprehensive office, an admissions office, a student affairs office, and an academic affairs office. It is responsible for enrollment, teaching, and management of international students.


Since its establishment, the college has been based on the concept of multicultural education, the purpose of training international students to cultivate "Chinese known and friendly" forces, relying on the school's advantageous disciplines, based on the surrounding areas and facing the world. To Form a multi-level education structure that is mainly based on international students with degree and short- or long-term language students. The personnel training level of the college is divided into academic education and non-academic education. Academic education includes a master's degree in Chinese international education and a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and literature (language and culture direction and business direction). Non-degree education includes long-term language training and short-term language training for international students.


The college attaches great importance to the education, management and service of international students, and organizes international students to participate in various extracurricular practical activities every year, such as Chinese singing and dancing competitions, sightseeing of city attractions and traditional Chinese festivals. Among them, the brand activities-"Shenzhen University International Cultural Festival" "Culture Ambassador Enters Campus" are very popular among international students.


The college also focuses on the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial comprehensive talents, actively expands the internship and employment channels for international students, and takes advantage of Shenzhen's "dual zone" to provide effective talent support for the international construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.