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2023 Shenzhen University “Guangdong Outstanding International Student Scholarship” Application Guidelines (For old degree students only)
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       Ⅰ Overview

In order to attract and encourage more outstanding foreign students to study in Guangdong, vigorously promote the healthy and rapid development of international students studying in Guangdong Province, raise the national influence and internationalization level of higher education in Guangdong. In 2013, the Government of Guangdong Province set up the "Governmental Scholarship Program for international students in Guangdong".


1. The applicants must possess foreign nationality, hold valid foreign passport and be under 40-year-old.

2. The applicants must be degree students of Shenzhen University, be in good health and be friendly to China.

3. The applicants must have already attended degree courses for one year or above at Shenzhen University, have a good academic and moral performance, and abide by Chinese law, regulations as well as university rules.

4. The applicants should have excellent academic performance and must have good level of Chinese language skills and should be able to provide relevant statement (except for students studying in English-taught programs), and grades of their compulsory courses of that academic year must be B or above. For undergraduate students, GPA of 2022-2023 academic year must be 3.0 or above; for postgraduate students, GPA of 2022-2023 academic year must be 2.6 or above.

5. The applicants should not have acquired any Chinese government scholarship, Confucius Institute scholarship, or any other form of Chinese government funding.

6. Students who have made a great contribution to CIE and SZU can get a priority for scholarship application.

7. Students who defaulted on payment shall be disqualified from application.

Scholarship Amount and Quota

Student Category



Undergraduate student


10,000 RMB

Master student


20,000 RMB

PhD student


30,000 RMB

IV When and How to Apply

Application dates: From June 26th to July 6th, 2023.

Application method: Students in China should submit the paper application materials to Office 320 at College of International Exchange.

ContactMiss ZhangTel0755-86678400.

Required Application Materials

1. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Application Form 1 (It could be downloaded in the attachment file), should be signed by the applicant.

2. Transcripts of 2022 -2023 academic yearExisting transcripts can be submitted first.

3. Copy of HSK4 or above certificate will be well examined. The applicants shall be disqualified, if forgery is found.(Those with HSK certificates will be given priority).

4. Copy of the information page of the passport (should be within the validity period).

5. Digital identification photo (JPG format).

6. Students who published academic papers should submit his or her paper and Citation Search Report from Shenzhen University Library (Click here for guidelines to obtain Citation Search Report).

After filling out Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Application Form 1Attachment 1WITH PEN, please scan it and make it into a digital version.

Those with HSK certificates will be given priority.

Supplementary materials would be asked to submit when necessary.

Substantial documents like certificates of awards, certificates of commendation could raise the profile, the applicants could submit them as well.

Documents wouldn’t be returned under any circumstances.

VI Appraisal and Announcement

After the registration of the applicants, experts will be organized to appraise the applicant's documents and determine the final list of candidates, it will be submitted to the Guangdong provincial education department in September 2023. The Guangdong provincial education department will proceed with final assessment. The list of final winners will be announced in October 2023.


Once the winner list is announced, scholarship will be distributed to the recipient's personal Bank-of-China bank account before the end of December.

Contact Ways

Add: No.3688 Nanhai Ave., Shenzhen University, Zonghe Building, Rm. 320,Shenzhen, Guangdong.

ContactMiss Zhang, TEL: 0755-86678400


If there are any inconsistencies between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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