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Notice on international students' application for Shenzhen Universiade scholarship
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International students in Mainland China,

Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “SUISF”) is a dedicated foundation established by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government with specially raised funds to support the international students with a view to carrying forward the spirit of the Universiade Shenzhen 2011 and promoting cultural and educational exchanges among international young people.

The application for the 2023 Universiade scholarship has been started. Announcement of Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation on Selection of Funded Students in 2023 was published on the Universiade Foundation's WeChat official account and website Https:// for international students is as follows

I. Funding Programs


Scope of Selection


Funding Criteria

Program 1


overseas students to receive full-time education of bachelor’s degree or higher degree at colleges and universities in China 


40,000 RMB for each undergraduate student per year, 45,000 RMB for each Master student per year, and  48,000 RMB for each PhD student per year.

Program 2


international students to study Chinese language and literature at colleges and universities in Shenzhen (for more than half a year)


10,000 RMB per student for more than half a year

Program 7

students with financial difficulties and provide financial aid to overseas students from poor families who receive full-time education of bachelor's degree or higher degree at colleges and universities in China.


6,000 RMB per student

Note: students who are not in China cannot apply.

II. Miscellaneous

(I) Application materials

1. Front cover of application materials for selection of funded students in 2023 (Appendix 1);

2. Application Form for Funding Overseas Students to Study in China (Appendix 2);

3. A self-introduction video of the applicant in less than five minutes, reference Appendix 3;

4. A copy of proof as the applicant’s valid identity (ID card, passport, etc.). Copies of documents certifying that the applicant's parents and grandparents or maternal grandparents have joined the same foreign nationality;

5. A copy of the admission letter of the applicant coming to study in China. If it is in English, there must be a translated bilingual text in both Chinese and English;

6. Two seperate original recommendation letters from two teachers or professors of the college/university; if they are in English, they should be translated into Chinese;

7. Academic Transcripts. The applicant shall provide transcripts issued and stamped by the academic affairs office or relevant student management department of the studying unit for the past two semesters;

8. Copy of Chinese proficiency certificate. It’s not necessary materials. If you have, please submit the current HSK certificate;

9. Applicants who have been funded by SUISF to continue their studies in China or to accept full-time academic education at a higher level must submit their academic transcripts and reports on their academic performance of the previous academic year or at the previous level (in printed or electronic version). Applicants who come to China should also submit any recently published communication reports promoting Chinese culture and Shenzhen's development;

10.Copies of awards and honorary certificates received by the applicant in the last three years; Copies of personal deeds about the applicant published in newspapers and periodicals at or above the municipal level;

11. Copies of the applicant's academic papers and articles published in newspapers and periodicals above the municipal level and copies of the applicant’s patent certificates. If they are bound into books, submit copies of the cover, content introduction (preface), and publisher and ISBN page of the books;

12. Students who have published public papers need to submit their papers and the proof report of citation and retrieval of papers from SZU library (Click Obtain the guide to the citation and retrieval proof report of Thesis Collection);

13. Overseas applicants from families with financial difficulties should submit a copy of provisions of the national or regional government or the universities concerning the poverty line standard of the families with financial difficulties, the relevant certification materials showing the relevant information on the applicants’ families, together with the review comments of the universities enrolling such applicants.

(II) No application materials will be returned upon submission.

Application time: April 29 to May 15

Application materials shall be submitted to the Student Affairs Office of CIE (Zonghe building 320)

Tel.: 23180757  Ms.Wu



Appendix 1.Front cover of application materials

Appendix 2.Application form

Appendix 3.Requirements for Video




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