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Notice on the visa extension of next semester
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Notice on the visa extension of next semester

for international students in China

From June 22, 2021 to July 15, 2021, students who decide to continue studying in Shenzhen University for next semester, Please contact Mr. Xiong, the teacher who in charge of visa to apply for the extension of the study residence permit. 

According to the requirements of the Exit-Entry Administration Office of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau,when applying for the extension of residence permit, old students must submit an attendance sheet and a final examination transcript(If the final examination transcript cannot be printed, it is not necessary to provide it).The attendance of each class must be at least 80%, and each class must pass the final exam or above. If you fail to meet the above requirements, your visa extension might be rejected.

Shenzhen University

College of International Exchange

June 21, 2021

Attachment: 1、 Procedures of visa extension of fall semester for international students in China/uploadfiles/files/20200618_115219134.pdf

2、How to buy insurance/uploadfiles/files/20200618_115307228.pdf

3、How to pay tuition/uploadfiles/files/20200618_115354853.pdf

4、How to make appointment for PSB/uploadfiles/files/20200618_115419494.pdf

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