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Notice on Degree Studnets' Registration for Spring Semester of 2021
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Winter vacation is going to come to an end, and registration time for degree students is 9:00AM to 11:30AM and 2:00PM to 5:00PM on 1st March.

1. Degree Students outside of Mainland China

Degree students outside of Mainland China need to pay tuitions to register according to Attachement1.

2. Degree Students in Mainland China

(1)Preparation for entry to the campus

Students who already have had campus card must complete your information and update your own‘Declare Health Information’via scanning QR code below by wechat before 28th February. Only after your SZU Health Code becomes green can you enter the campus.

(2)Students without campus card please send an e-mail with the content of your passport number, full name, contact number, your health code and travel code from深i您(obtain it according to Attachement2)or 解除隔离证明/解除医学观察告知书to before18:00 on 28th February, and the title of the e-mail should be Entry to Campus. If you have questions, please add this wechat ID willszu to consult. For safety reasons, the school doesn’t accept driving car to enter the campus.

Warm tips:Students without campus card must obtain your own campus card according to teacher’s guidance after registration. And then submit your information according to Attachment3.


Degree students in Mainland China need to go to College of International Exchange to register and pay tuitions on spot within registration time.


To secure your own rights and interests, students who are in Mainland China or are going to enter Mainland China must purchase the insurance for international students according to Attachment4.



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