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Sensing China·Traditional Culture Experience Series Activity-Glazed hand-made candle holder
Author:        Time:2023-10-30 09:39        hits:

In the afternoon of October 26, 2023, International students of our school participated in the intangible cultural experience activity in Room 201 of Zhaoxi Building: Glazed hand-made candle holder

The activity site was very warm, and each seat was prepared with the materials and tools needed to make the glass candlestick, so that students could easily invest in the production.

At the beginning of the activity, the lecturer first explained the basic skills and precautions for the production of glass candlestick. Then, everyone under the guidance of the teacher hands to make their own glass candlestick. Making a glass candle holder requires several steps, including melting the glass, making the shape of the candle holder, adding color, cold processing, and so on. These steps may seem simple, but they require a lot of care and patience. Under the guidance of the lecturer, the international students completed their own glass candlesticks step by step. The glass candlesticks they made with their own hands not only have a beautiful appearance, but also have a unique meaning.

During the production process, the classroom filled with a strong artistic atmosphere. The international students communicate with each other, share their own knowledge and experience, and from time to time, laughter and cheers came.

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