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Shenzhen University began to recruit students in 1993 after obtaining the enrollment qualification for foreign students in China in 1987. So far, it has trained more than 20000 foreign students from more than 90 countries. 59% of the international students are from the "one belt, one road" countries.About 1000 people are recruited each year. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, foreign students have come to greater influence in China. The number of foreign doctoral students enrolled in Shenzhen University decreased from 244 in 2019 to 188 in 2020. The number of international students in Shenzhen University has dropped to less than 300 this semester due to the epidemic and visas. Many overseas students who returned home halfway due to the epidemic did not return to China, while most of the overseas students who are still in school did not return home during the epidemic. At the same time, foreign students in China are also facing the pressure to find a job after the expiration of their doctoral visa.

Although the willingness of foreign students to stay in China after graduation is still relatively strong, after the epidemic, less than 10% of foreign students left for entrepreneurship or employment after graduation in Shenzhen. Mr. Chen Mo analyzed and said: "Visa is an important factor. After graduation, they can only apply for entrepreneurship visa or work visa. However, there are few job fairs available to foreign students, so the channels to find jobs are limited, and the channels to obtain information are narrow, which makes it difficult to find jobs. Complicated visa application procedures and language barriers also make them unable to understand the relevant employment policies. " In this regard, Ms. Chen Mo hopes that relevant government departments and universities can increase their support for innovation, entrepreneurship and employment of foreign students in China and provide them with more effective channels in employment and entrepreneurship.Shenzhen university can also pay more attention to the career development of foreign students in China and provide employment services such as career planning counseling, employment policy information consulting, resume interview counseling and so on.

International student talk about employment

Priyasha Sharma from India (Piya, Chinese name Liu Meixi), 23, arrived in Shenzhen in2015 and earned a bachelor's degree in international economics and trade from Shenzhen University. In 2020, She received an excellent certificate of graduation. Piya had planned to pursue her master's degree last year. But because she had to attend online classes, she decided not to go online. Piya is currently studying for a master's degree in international management at Shenzhen University. She hopes to continue working in Shenzhen after graduation, preferably in an electronics company. "On the one hand, I have more experience in this field. On the other hand, Shenzhen is a place suitable for the development of the electronic industry. It is the hub of China's electronic information industry. After visiting Royole company, I am very fascinated by their innovative electronic products. I am glad to see that theycan provide internships for international students.

The epidemic also makes Piya's part-time overseas sales work face the problem of being unable to visit customers abroad. But piya feels that Shenzhen University has been recommending good internships according to the needs of students. In her opinion, before the epidemic, more foreign students chose to stay in China because Shenzhen and some other big cities in China provided more platforms and employment opportunities for international students. She also plans to work for a few years after her master's degree. After that, she wants to open her own company in China and develop her business.

Asif Khan, a doctoral student from Pakistan, is very interested in electronic communication products. Asif, who graduated from power engineering of North China Electric Power University in Beijing, is currently engaged in doctoral research on artificial intelligence, electronics and 5G communication technology.

"Many devices and technologies I see here are the latest and most advanced in thecountries I know. Shenzhen has the best enterprises in the electronic technology industry, such as Huawei, Tencent and Royole. In China, 5G technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology are very developed,which is also my research field." Asif said that he is doing research on 5G communication chips in Shenzhen University, I hope to be engaged in 5G communication in China in the future.

He believes that the enterprise visit activities organized by the international student development center of Shenzhen University are very suitable for his needs. This gave him the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with technology enterprises. The platform provided by the school provides a bridge for foreign students who lack job search channels. He believes that visiting enterprises is the best way to communicate.

Asif stayed in school during the epidemic, which gave him a lot of time to look for career development information. His advice to overseas students in the epidemicis: work hard, keep a sharp mind and never give up. Asif also looks forward tolooking for internship opportunities through the platform provided by Shenzhen University and finding jobs related to his major, such as artificial intelligence,electronics and 5G.

Tahir Rasheed from Pakistan has also been in China for more than 5 years. He obtained his master's degree from North China Electric Power University in 2016 and is now studying for his doctor's degree in computer science at Shenzhen University. After five years of study, Tahir fully felt the hard work and friendliness of the Chinese people and the brightness and prosperity of this country. Tahir did not return to his country during the pandemic, but he found that his studies were not affected because China controlled the epidemic in a shorterperiod of time.

The epidemic has brought positive changes to Tahir's ideas. He realized that our future depends on each other. The whole world is a global village. Human development, prosperity and a good healthy environment are the result of the joint efforts of all people. In terms of his career planning, Tahir hopes to join the R & D team of multinational companies. He believes that research is the pillar of human survival. "I'm still in the learning stage of mylife. Let's see what the Future hold for me."

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