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Dear international students:


For the coming labour day from May 1 to May 5 with a total of 5 days, we would like to remind you to focus the following safety precautions whether travel or stay in campus while enjoying the holidays:


I. During going out


1. Travel safety. There are many thunderstorms in Shenzhen recently. If students have travel arrangements, pay attention to check the weather information, stay away from dangerous areas such as rivers and slopes, and prevent the risks of thunderstorms, floods and geological disasters.


2. Keep the mobile phone on at any time, and contact teachers or call 110 for police help in case of emergency;


3. Don't drink too much, don't fight and make trouble, don't hang out, accept food and drink from strangers, but try to move together in groups;


4. Traffic in china keeps to the right, please pay attention to traffic safety, abide by traffic rules, do not take unlicensed taxi, do not ride unlicensed motorcycles and electric bicycles, do not drive after drinking, and do not ride bicycles while carrying other people;


5. Pay attention to public health and food safety.


II. During the stay in school


1. Abide by the dormitory rules, do not smoke in the dormitory building, do not install wires privately in the dormitory, do not use high-power electrical appliances, pay attention to the safety of electricity and fire to avoid fire accidents;


2. Do not lend room keys to others or stay with visitors overnight;


3. Carry on moderate entertainment. When having parties and other activities in dormitory buildings or campuses, don’t make loud noises and affect others, don’t get drunk and rowdy, also don’t fight.