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2021年国际交流学院暑期汉语课程招生简章CIE Summer Chinese Course 2021
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Shenzhen University started to enroll international students since 1987. As of date, it has witnessed about 20,000 international graduates. In 2019, the College of International Exchange (CIE) was officially accredited with quality assurance of international students studying in China. It adopts a multi-cultural curriculum featuring both local and global issues, with the support of resources from the University. It does not only offer regular degree programs, but also develops flexible on-demand non-degree programs featuring different course components and learning periods. Staffed with a faculty of highly qualified and experienced professors and instructors, along with strongly positive reviews by the international students, the retention rate for first-time registered students has been above 80% for the record. In addition, students enjoy the beautiful campus environment here, with a complete set of living facilities and easily accessible transportation. 

To satisfy the learning needs of international students staying in China and abroad, CIE is now launching a 2021 Chinese Language Summer School Program for students to learn Chinese and understand Chinese cultures.

学习时间: 2021年7月12日~8月6日(4周)

Program Schedule: July 12 – August 6, 2021 (4 weeks)

开设层级Program Placement:


Beginner’s Class: for learners with no Chinese language basics


Elementary Class: for learners who have completed about 300 hours (or roughly 1 semester) of training in the Chinese language


Intermediate Class: for learners who have complete about 900 hours (or roughly 3 semesters) of training in the Chinese language

授课方式 & 时间Delivery Modes & Time of Instruction:


Online: ClassIn app from Monday to Thursday

线下: 周五上午文化沙龙

Offline: Cultural Salon on Monday Morning


This summer school program contains a total of 80 contact hours of teaching and learning, including those covered in the offline cultural salon.

教学特色Program Features:


Small-size classroom learning (accommodating 10 students)


Professional and dedicated teachers with certified teaching experiences



Professional and dedicated teachers with certified teaching experience

Interesting topics such as Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, and tea arts; salon venues: café, tea houses, galleries, parks, tourist spots, Huaqiang North, etc. 

收费标准:3000元/人 (本院老生学费可打九折)

Tuition Fees: 3,000 RMB/person (10% discount for students who were registered before at CIE)

报名申请及相关事项About Application


Deadline for application:July 5, 2021

在线报名Online Application:


Tuition Payment: to be informed by the College after classes are confirmed