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Sensing China·Traditional Culture Experience Series Activity-Pulp painting
Author:        Time:2023-10-25 15:26        hits:

On October 19 and 20 afternoon, 2023, International students of our school participated in the intangible cultural experience activity in Room 201 of Zhaoxi Building: Handmade Painting - Chinese DIY pulp painting.

Ancient pulp making technique is a national intangible cultural heritage. As the cultural wealth of the ancestors who gathered the wisdom of daily life, it is full of unique emotions, ways of thinking and aesthetic habits, and contains the deepest root of traditional Chinese culture. Pulp painting is based on the ancient pulp making technique. It is a work of arts and crafts with pulp as the main material, with bright colors and relief effect. It can be drawn on wood, porcelain, glass, stone, paper and other materials, and can be finished after drying.

Under the guidance of teachers, international students learn how to make pulp, color, use pulp painting and other skills to make their own intangible cultural heritage pulp painting works. Everyone did it very carefully, with small tweezers in one hand and bamboo skewers in the other hand, patiently and carefully stacked the paper pulp of different colors, and personally experienced the charm of the traditional craft and felt the profound intangible cultural heritage.

The pulp painting production activity allowed the international students to feel the infinite charm of Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage and the profound heritage of Chinese traditional folk culture.

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