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(2018-05-16 08:50)

Inter-school Dance Competition of SZU

    At 19 o’clock on April 22nd 2018, Cultural Festival of Lychee Garden and the Ninth Inter-school Dance Competition (called Listening to Dance in Your Youth) were held grandly at YuanPing indoor stadium.

    Relevant project teams of SZU had been making preparations for about four months. The contest consisted of three parts, that is, dream words (yi yu), clear voice (lang sheng), and hum note (yu sheng). Our college also held the first plenary meeting on 16th March and set up a dance team of 12 overseas students to participate in the part of dream words. After that, our dance team practiced more than 10 times, and went through several times of video editing as well as chose music and bought team uniform. Eventually, we got satisfactory results –an Excellent Award, which represented judges’ and audiences’ fondness and affirmation towards our performance.

   CIE’s dance team is called Mint, and the dance they performed was called Run It.Youth is just like a colorful dream, mixed with happy red, sad blue, dynamic orange and warm yellow. Mint green tends to bring us unique freshness, life and hope. The name of the dance-Run It-means that we overseas students also take active part in various campus activities. Together with the youth from other countries we run the world and will make a difference to the world.

College of International Exchange

April 24, 2018