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(2018-05-09 09:34)

ICE Has Completed Its Reform Task of the First Stage

    According to the reform task issued by Shenzhen University, our college has carried out its first stage’s task-reform of administrative staff -from April 4th to April 13th. Through personal recommendation, open competition, review and voting by college leader group and personnel committee, publicity and so on, seven excellent faculty members were chosen out of 11 candidates to work as division directors of administrative department.

    On April 16th, leader group of CIE had an informal discussion with those outstanding new directors, who were congratulated by our Dean, Dong Guoming at the meeting. At the same time, Mr. Dong further arranged the following reform task of the second stage. Then Huang Donglin, the secretary, hoped that new directors would take this promotion as a new starting point and adapt themselves into new roles as soon as possible. Newly promoted directors all expressed their appreciation and promised to respond CIE’s great trust and expectation with good performance.

    Now that the first stage of reform has been executed successfully, we all believe that with SZU’s wise guidance and strong support, together with joint effort of all faculties, CIE will get much better development.

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