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1) 三张二寸的彩色照片








地址:广东省深圳市福田区皇岗口岸生活区一号 (公交站为福滨新村,周边无地铁站)




Visa Physical Examination For International Students


For students who hold an overseas X-type study visa, after entering the country, you must go to the Shenzhen port hospital physical examination center for a physical examination to apply for a study residence permit.

1.    Documents required by the physical examination:

(1)          Three two-inch color photos

(2)          Original passport, a copy of the first page of the passport and the current visa page

(3)          "Foreigner Study Physical Examination Record" provide from your country (if you have)

(4)          Letter of admission for more than one year

Preferential policies: Students who hold an X1 visa, study for more than one year and come to China for the first time, submit the proof materials to the cashier window before paying the medical examination fee, and you can enjoy the basic medical examination fee reduction of about 450 yuan; other students' medical examination fee is about 480 yuan, the specific situation Subject to the requirements of the Payment Cashier Window in Hospital.

If you already have a "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" in your country, you can provide the hospital with a medical examination report for conversion to a port hospital’s. There is no need to repeat the physical examination. The specific requirements of the hospital shall prevail.

2.    Address of the physical examination

Shenzhen International Travel Health Care Center (Shenzhen port hospital physical examination center)

Address: No.1, Huanggang port living area, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (The bus station is Fubin New Village, and there are no subway stations nearby)

Consulting Hotline: 83774007,83774013