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4. 勤工助学单位已在深圳市公安局出入境管理局备案登记;

5. 勤工助学期间,单位须为学生购买人身意外伤害保险;





3. 到所属学院提出勤工助学申请,学院同意后,由分管领导在《深圳大学外国留学生办理居留证件加注勤工助学申请表》上签字盖章;


5. 持相关材料至出入境管理局办理居留许可加注勤工助学。


1. 勤工助学加注可与居留许可申请同时办理,须提交其他办理居留许可的相应材料;

2. 留学生应在加注手续办理完毕并取得相应回执后才能从事勤工助学活动;



5. 勤工助学期间如有违法违规行为,学校将取消其居留许可,并按照规定给予处罚;


7. 此次勤工助学为自愿参加,学生如在过程中发生物品的坏损或丢失、与他人冲突、急性疾病、意外事故等,学校不承担因意外伤亡或个人的经济损失而产生的任何法律责任和相关的费用。



Guidance on application for Work to Support Study Program with addition endorsement to residence permit for international degree students

According to the Article 22 regulation of “The People’s Republic of China on Control of The Entry and Exit of Aliens”,the application guidelines for work to support study program for degree international students of our school have been formulated.

work to support study for international students refer to due to financial difficulties, international students with academic qualifications can use their spare time to engage in activities that can obtain a certain remuneration to subsidize their daily needs without affecting their studies.

(1) Conditions &Requirements:

1. Must be an international student (including sophomore or above and postgraduate) and obtain a residence permit

2. The average attendance rate of the previous semester must be80% or above, and all compulsory courses must be passed

3. Do not work in two or more units at the same time.

4. The work unit has been registered with the Entry-exitAdministration Office of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

5. During the work to support study, the unit must purchase personal accident insurance for the student.

6. The validity period of each application generally does not exceed half a year.

(2) Procedures:

1. Download the Application Form forwork to support study program for International Students of SZU from the website of College of International Exchange.

2. Sign a work to support studyagreement with the employer.

3. Go to the belonging college to apply for work to support study. After the college agrees, the leader in charge will sign and stamp on the application form.

4. Submit the Application Form forwork to support study for International Students of SZU and agreement to the College of International Exchange, and the College of International Exchange will issue a "Letter of Approval for work to support study for International Students".

5. Bring relevant documents to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for a residence permit with addition endorsement for work to support study.

(3) Cautions:

1. Addition endorsement for work to support study program can be processed at the same time as the residence permit application, and other relevant materials for the residence permit must be submitted.

2. International students can only engage in work to support study activities after completing the filling procedures and obtaining the corresponding receipt.

3. All materials submitted must be true and reliable. If fraudulent, the school has the right to cancel the registered residence permit and not approve its application within one year.

4. The school will regularly check the attendance, grades and other learning conditions of the students who have successfully applied. If it is found that the study is affected by work to support study, the school has the right to cancel the registered residence permit.

5. If students violate laws or regulations during the work to support study, the school will cancel their residence permit and impose penalties in accordance with regulations

6. The applicant shall bear the consequences of failing to complete the work to support study program due to personal reasons.

7. This work to support study is voluntary, if students experience damage or loss of items, conflicts with others, acute illness, accidents, etc. during the work to support study program, the school does not bear any legal liability and related expenses arising from accidental casualties or personal economic losses.

College of International Exchange

January 8, 2021