When you focus your eyes on the southern coast of China , you will see a young, energetic, metropolitan city. That is  Shenzhen, which was officially estabilshed in 1979, located beside Hong Kong and awarded the title of International Garden City, the only one of its kind in China up to now. A good many theme parks, such as Window of the World, Chinese Folklore Villege, East OCT,Safari Park, etc attract millions of visitors each year. Wildlife reserve lands, botanic gardens and public parks are scattered everywhere in the city. At Shenzhen Bay, you’ll see migrant birds fly with white clouds, clean waters reflects the color of green mountains, and humen beings live harmoniously with wildlife.

        Shenzhen’s fast growth creates an unprecedented miracle. The past thirty years has witnessed how Shenzhen grow into an international metropolitan city with a population of over thirteen million from the old fishing villeges dotted around. Shenzhen is in the top ranks among mainland Chinese cities in terms of comprehensive economic power. Its GDP per capita and anual total international trade volume have been ranking the first place among all the mainland Chinese top cities in the last twenty consecutive years. The container transportation volume in Shenzhen’s seaports stands on the forth place in the world. Many of the world top 500 companies have estabished their subordinate companies or R&D centers. The fast development of high-tech, finance, trade, logistics,tourism and culture industries almost eguals those of the world top cities.

        More than just a fast-growing metropolis, Shenzhen is considered a shopping paradise to both domestic and international shoppers. The city has a wonderful selection of shopping centers, department stores and boutiques ranging from the inexpensive to the exuberant. Reputed as the number one shopping center of Shenzhen, MixC carries luxury retailers such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Parda, etc.. Dongmen Pedestrian Street is usually the first choice for the young and economical shoppers. It is the place to go for ‘different style’ or ‘vanguard’ clothes and small-ticket items. In Huaqiangbei, you may find some of the best Electrical appliances in all cities of mainland China.

        Shenzhen is the place for food. As a migrant city, it has embraced all types of cuisine from China and throughout the world. Tourists and many locals also enjoy the various types of international cuisine, including Italian, French, Thai, German, American, Mexican, Turkish, Indian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean flavors. Treat yourself, and enjoy the wonderful food of Shenzhen. The city's nightlife offerings have flourished, nightclubs and bars in SeaWorld, Shekou, can keep revelers occupied until the wee hours of the morning.

        While visitors make Shenzhen a business and shopping destination, the SEZ has made a concerted effort to develop into a tourist attraction: the city's temperate year-round weather, picturesque seashore, and well-preserved greenery. Theme parks and man-made scenic spots making the city a fun place to visit for pleasure.