Course Completion Certificate and Final Exam

1. Only students with an attendance rate over 50% can attend the term end exam and have their performance entered into school records.

2. Those with an exam score over 60 can obtain a Course Completion certificate.

3. Those who do not meet these requirements can only be given a Study Certificate.


    i) Class attendance rate = the number of times appearing for class / total number of times there were attendance checks.  Requests for absence and not turning up both count as absent.

    ii) If students are absent for 3 weeks or above they will be reported to the relevant university department and to Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.


Optional Early Exam for language students

1. Early notification for Exams

2. Application deadline: One day before starting of exams

3. Apply at CIE Academic Affairs Office 210 by completing the relevant form and paying 100 RMB per class.

4. The tested content is exactly the same as for those students who study the full 17 weeks.