International Student FAQ


  1. How long is the undergraduate program?

A: The University’s undergraduate programs last for 4 years. However the university operates a flexible scheme meaning that the time span of study can be 2-8 years.


  1. How do I choose courses?

A: Students will be able to choose courses after successful registration and tuition fee payment. Course selection may be done under tutor’s guidance. Our school limits course selection to no more than 39 credits per semester in order to ensure the quality of study.


  1. Can I apply for leave of absence?

A: Students must apply for leave of absence. Leave of absence no longer than one week can be granted by lecturers; leave of absence for longer than one week but not exceeding one month are granted by the school office; leave of absence for longer than a month needs to be granted by head of school. Medical leave may be applied by submitting medical certificates. The accumulated length of medical leaves may not exceed 2 years.


  1. How do I get my Student ID and Campus Card? What if I’ve lost them?

A: The school office will provide each student with a Student ID. A one-inch photo needs to be provided by the students for this service. To apply for a Campus Card, students need to visit the Campus Card Center (located between lecture buildings C and D) in person, with their Student ID, evidence of tuition fee payment and passport. Lost IDs and Campus Cards can be replaced. Students can apply for card replacements at the school office after announcing card lost in the university’s announcement system.


  1. What if I fail an exam?

A: Students failing (obtaining an F) a final exam will have to retake the course. For compulsory courses, the same course has to be retaken; for elective courses, the course can be either retaken or exchanged for another elective course. 


  1. What if I cannot attend an exam?

A: Students who are not able to attend exams for any reason will have to apply for reschedule at the school office at least one week before the exam. Exams are usually rescheduled to the first two weeks of next semester.


  1. Can I borrow books from the university? How many books can I borrow?

A: Students may borrow books from the university library with their campus card. A student may only borrow two books at a time in accordance to University Regulations.


  1.  How can I obtain my degree and certificate of graduation?

A: Students who have earned the required academic credits for their program and scoring 5 in the new HSK ranking system (195 points and above) may obtain certificates of graduation. Students who have obtained their certificates of graduation and scoring 5 in the new HSK ranking system (210 points and above) may apply for their degree certificates.


  1. What is a course exemption? Can I apply for a course exemption?

A: Course exemptions can be made at the school office if you have already acquired most of the skills taught in that course of your particular program of study. If you want to exempt a course, you must score a C or above in the qualifying exam to earn the credits for that course.


  1. What is independent study? Can I apply for an independent study?

A: Independent study is granted by lecturer of a course that allows students to take final exams without attending lectures. A student participating independent study has to score C or above to earn the course’s credits.


  1. How many times should I contact my tutor?

A: Our school operates an undergraduate tutorial system. Undergraduate students are required to contact their tutors 2-3 times per semester.


  1. How do I check my score after the exams?

A: Each student has an account in the school’s management website, where scores can be checked and transcript be printed.


13. How can I get the information about the college?

A: Our college has a student management system. Please log in this website:,Every student can know the notices, training program, elective courses, marks, and so on in this system after logging with their personal account.